What is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a chronic condition that occurs when the body (specifically the pancreas) cannot produce or effectively use insulin.

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Why Coachbetics?

Our services are tailored to both types of diabetics and caretakers. Meet our specialised team of diabetes doctors.

Welcome to Coachbetics

  • Bader Alwan, founder of coachbetics

We believe everybody should have more access to knowledge. when we know more about our situations, we are better abled, and equipped with tools that ease our march towards our desired results.

If your’e pre-diabetic or non insulin dependent type 2, we can help reverse it, If you’re insulin dependent or a type 1 diabetic, we can help you find more…


Do I have prediabetes?

Hi, I’m Bader Alwan

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Hey there! Thank you for expressing interest in Coachbetics!

My name is Bader and I’ve been diabetic for nearly a quarter of a century, and because of that, my goal is to give back to the community; coaching diabetics towards a stronger, healthier lifestyle.

I remember the moment it happened, It has been so long that now my memory of it is in third person, I was watching a movie with my family; “The bodyguard”. I shouldn’t have been watching that movie at such a young age but… My parents are cool!