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Living with Diabetes

Continuous coaching is where coachbetics is most effective. This coaching best suits those who really want to make a difference in their lives, or in the lives of the ones they hold dear. The service includes Mastering your diabetes, around the clock support, dynamic glucose monitoring feedback and support with weekly adjustments, and a guarantee that all diabetics who sign up for this program achieve desired results.
Mastering Your Diabetes uses a high-energy, interactive teaching approach that puts you at the center of your diabetes management. This intensive diabetes self-management coaching includes Diabetes Fundamentals, Mastering Your Diabetes, and a customized, achievable plan based on your desired results. (All below included in MYD)
This class is designed to introduce carbohydrate counting and steer you towards carbs that will help you achieve your goals. This session includes insulin’s role in carb intake, portion control, good carbs vs bad, situational carb intake, and much more!
Understand your glucose levels even more. Sessions include introduction to the different methods of glucose monitoring (continuous vs standard), how to interpret Glucose readings, and how to better utilize the technology to manage diabetes in a more active and dynamic manner.
Healthy living is a course all diabetics can benefit from. Focusing on the effects of exercise, good nutrition, and a general healthy lifestyle, this course encourages diabetics to stay active and be the change their lives need.
In this session, diabetes is made simple. You will get an even better understanding of what diabetes is, what to expect, lifestyle adjustments, answers for “what to do when” moments, and everything you need to know to feel more comfortable knowing even more about diabetes. This service is best for type 1 and caretakers who are new to diabetes.
The Corporate Social Responsibility program is offered to companies who would like to raise awareness of type 2 diabetes. This quick program includes Diabetes 101 & Healthy living, with a special offer on all services for employees who sign up during a course during the program.

Our Services

Athletes have them, many musicians and actors have them, and now people with diabetes can have them too! We are Coaches, and our role is to help you have the best diabetes control possible. Exactly how we do that depends on your needs and goals. Coachbetics can provide education, information, encouragement, support, and guidance in any number of areas that fall under the general heading of diabetes care. Our coaching does not replace the need for a primary health-care provider (physician, endocrinologist, nutritionist/dietitian), but rather provides a centralized place of consult and a sense of totality to your diabetes care system; a place that implements your new learnings into your daily routine, and new routines that reflect your learnings, further strengthens your mindset, and is where discovery and pursuit of more success is accomplished. We’ve got two main types, 1 & 2.

  • Type 2

    Type 2s who want better change sign up with us, and the ball immediately starts rollin’ . First we get assessed; BMI, A1c, Liver function, and all that factual good stuff that lets us know where you stand. Second, we set our goals. Achievable, made by You, and like a team, pushed by Us. This is the NLP part of the program, discussing and strengthening substance of importance like self belief, will power, moral, and the desire to achieve! Now, as the foundation or thinking builds, the doing begins. As it is capable of being, This journey will be one to remember. The information you’ll acquire, regimes you enroll into, lifestyle changes you implement, and the mental strength you continuously build are all part of the coachbetics program. Results will be everywhere! You’ll have more energy believe it you’ll have more strength and even more happiness because you achieve those achievable goals we set, you rise to the occasion every time and when we get your 2 - 3 month progress assessment done you will see the fruit of your good choices in numbers, one of the best ways to see them, which is one of the most exciting parts of the program! Remember, when you know more, you are able to think and act wiser, to a point where things you look at change and have more meaning. Let’s take a slice of cake,How do you see this slice of cake? Want to know how more you could see it?

  • Type 1

    It’s an ongoing thing this 1 is.. ongoing like breathing is, or like cell function and movement..is, except that it’s controlled by us! Blood Glucose levels are checked, insulin or juice & snack may be involved, food to be consumed, insulin and glucose level testing is involved, exercise engagement, juice, glucose level testing, food, and insulin are and/or can be involved. Sleep, work, socializing, alcohol consumption, even thinking exercises like studying requires us to be in control. It may sound overwhelming at first, which is why we highly recommend our continuous coaching plan for all type 1s, and especially those who are new to diabetes. What we do here at coachbetics is connect; and other than the learning material, good habits to form and routine’s, we must remember that Type 1s are the minority, and are human just like everyone else, a social creature. So connecting with each other, talking about experiences, asking questions, and sharing things only another diabetic understands could be seen as one of the many ways the diabetic community can be strengthened and supported.

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